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I hold in person appointments for clients, day and evening at my private practice:


Deborah Colman Counselling

138-140 Southwark Street

London, SE1 0SW

Nearest tubes/train Southwark tube, London Bridge and Blackfriars South station



Feel free to contact me to find out more

Monday - Friday

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How I Work

Counselling sessions will involve us working together to explore your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, experiences and meanings. Whether you are struggling with big life issues from the past (eg childhood, family), present (eg relationships, loss, stress), long-term difficulties (eg anxiety, depression, self-esteem) or feel lost, low or unsure of how you feel, counselling with me can help. Also, you do not need to have a crisis to benefit from therapy; personal development is empowering and can help you cope better with life.

Our therapeutic relationship will be at the heart of what we can achieve in the healing process; it will be from this place of security that we’ll work at a deeper level, at your pace. Deep processing is made possible through the presence, attunement and trust within our therapeutic relationship. With your increased self-awareness, deeper insight and understanding of conscious, subconscious and perhaps unconscious processes, we can create a special opportunity for positive change and lasting growth. How you think, your relationship to yourself and to others can benefit as well as opening the possibility of living a more fulfilling life in the present and true to you.

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